PUSH notifications are short notifications sent by an external server to the smartphone of the client or group of clients, users of the mobile application. As soon as such notification is received by the Android / iOS system, it appears in the form of a short message on the screen of our client’s smartphone. Clicking on this notification will launch the LoyalNET application and open the full content of the message.

A properly planned PUSH notification system (frequency, content) can be an effective marketing tool. This is why such notifications are so often used by app developers.

Lista wiadomości wysłanych do klienta
Powiadomienia PUSH na telefonie klienta
Wiadomość PUSH wysłana do klienta firmy

Managing notifications

Adding and sending PUSH notifications takes place from the FIS Cloud application, i.e. the online overlay on the FIS system. Already at the stage of creating a message, we define:

  • subject and content of the PUSH notification,
  • link to redirect the client,
  • the store and thus the group of customers,
  • filters (city, age, language).

The system also allows you to add a cyclical notification, e.g. for the birthday of the application user, combined in this case with a gift for the birthday person in the form of additional points. Another example of such a predefined notification is a weekly invitation, e.g. for Monday shopping with a 5% discount.

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