Online Orders Module is an additional, independent module that enables online orders, which can be displayed instead of the MESSAGES Module (then the Messages Module is available from the PROFILE – MESSAGES module level.

This module is divided into 3 independent ordering systems:

REST – gastronomy

  • an independent ordering system for restaurants, pizzerias and other eateries,


  • an integrated system for submitting various types of reservations,


  • an integrated system that allows you to purchase tickets with on-line payment.

REST – ordering system for gastronomy

Independent ordering system for gastronomic establishments (restaurants, pizzerias, kebabs, sushi bars, etc.) fully integrated with the sales system in the FIS-POS Bistro restaurant by Flashcom Sp. z o.o. Together, both applications create a perfect and fully automated solution. In the POS system, after the customer places an order for the premises – a new order is created in the Delivery together with the customer and printed on receipt (voucher) printers.

Order fulfillment

We can choose from 3 variants of the execution of orders placed from the REST application:

  • delivery to the customer,
  • to go, 
  • pickup on site (at the premises).

It is the premises that decides in what form it provides its services by enabling or disabling each of the above-mentioned options.

Loyalty program

In on-line orders, customers can also collect points, which gives the sum of all points from stationary and on-line sales (points are visible in the PROFIL Module or on the website).


The offer, ie MENU, is imported from the FIS-POS BISTRO system, thanks to which the configuration process of this module is largely automated. Full imports include: categories, products (with ingredients) / goods, additional ingredients, substitutes, product notes and packaging.

Payment methods

We can choose from the following payment methods for the order:

  • cash,
  • card,
  • Przelewy24 (fast electronic payments),
  • loyalty points.
Payment by card
Cash payment

Fast internet transfer
Payment with points


There are currently two types of promotions available:

  • “Extra Product” for orders over a certain amount,
  • “Second Produkt cheaper” for selected product groups and strictly defined days of the week and hours.

Reservations – reservation submission system

Intuitive system for submitting and purchasing reservations for defined events. The customer selects the date from the calendar, then a free / unreserved time period, completes his data and proceeds to payment via Przelewy24.

Passes – pass purchase system

A simple system for quickly ordering tickets for an event defined by the seller. In the application, it is possible to define 2 types of passes:

  • time, e.g. hourly,
  • OPEN e.g. days from Monday to Friday, weekend days.