Creating positive relations with the client is a way to increase the sale of a product or service at much lower costs than, for example, advertising or promotion costs. We know how important these two issues are in every enterprise, therefore, using our over 10 years of experience in creating sales software, we decided to create an application for managing customer relations. The LoyalNET application is a tool that provides the company with various methods of building relationships and customer loyalty to the brand. One of them is the loyalty program. Comprehensive software for companies should support loyalty programs because it is an important way to create positive relationships with the customer.

How to create a loyalty program in the company?

Creating a good loyalty program in a company depends on many factors, including from:

  • industry / market segment in which the company operates,
  • the specificity of the client – consumer – buyer of goods and services (B2B, B2C),
  • type of trade (traditional, online).

The most common way to lend the customer to the brand is rewarding customers with points in the long term in return for repeat purchases in our company. These points, in turn, can be exchanged by a loyal customer for prizes in kind or invitations to various types of events. The second way is to replace the above-mentioned points for PLN that the customer can spend only with the same seller, i.e. in our company. The method of rewarding customers with points depends on the imagination of the seller or a well-thought-out marketing strategy supported by many months of in-depth analysis of the sales history in order to create the best loyalty program.

The goals of an effective loyalty program

An effective loyalty program should certainly make us a company of first choice in the long run, in which our client will make purchases. The value of the basket and the frequency of purchases will increase.

Increasing sales does not have to be the sole purpose of developing a company’s loyalty program. Another, very important goal is to build a good image of the company against the competition.

Advantages of our loyalty program

Below we present the most important advantages of the loyal program available in our LoyalNET application

  • you award points to your company’s clients for various activities you choose, e.g. purchasing products from selected categories,
  • you decide for yourself what the points collected by customers can be exchanged for (prizes, events, one-off discounts, etc.),
  • you determine the conversion rate of points charged to the customer in relation to the purchase amount, e.g. 1 point for purchases for the amount of PLN 1,
  • it is possible to include point payments according to fixed conversion rate, e.g. 1 point = PLN 0.01 (handling point payments in the sales system FIS-POS),
  • the possibility of combining the LoyalNET loyalty program with a LoyalNET rebate card (loyalty card) to further strengthen relationships with your customers.

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