A discount card, also known as a loyalty card, is one of the most frequently used sales support tools because it does not require a lot of customer involvement and at the same time gives him real benefits. Depending on the adopted marketing strategy, the client is entitled to discounts on the purchase of all or specific groups of products that we currently want to promote or are on sale.

Our LoyalNET discount card is in fact its number embedded in the QR code, which the customer almost always has with him, just like a smartphone. Thanks to it, the customer is uniquely identified by the company’s sales system and can be granted each of the defined discounts.

Types of discounts

In the LoyalNET application you can define the following discounts:

  • one-off, whose task is to encourage the customer to install the application and register,
  • a permanent, usually small, discount on the entire assortment,
  • occasional, granted after exceeding a certain number of points or the number / amount of transactions,
  • percentage or amount, for subsequent purchases,

All of the above types of discounts are assigned to the customer’s card and constitute an incentive to use the offer again. The card is activated after scanning the QR code – the ID of the discount card, during payment at the checkout.

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